Easy and secure access control management

Using NetScaler Gateway with XenApp, XenDesktop and/or XenMobile increases security, better enables mobile user access and reduces costs when compared with using alternative secure access technologies.

NetScaler Gateway Product Overview
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Most secure unified front-end for all applications

Using NetScaler Gateway with XenApp, XenDesktop, XenMobile and SaaS/Web 2.0 applications:

  • Improves performance by offloading SSL processing and authentication mechanisms
  • Improves scalability with almost limitless connections and support for up to 35k concurrent users per appliance
  • Reduces costs and avoids rip-and-replace by consolidating infrastructure and easy “pay-as-you-grow” model
  • Strengthens security with integrated SmartAccess and MicroVPN capabilities
  • Improves availability with support for clustering and high availability (HA) pairs
NetScaler Gateway provides best performance and security for XenApp and XenDesktop environments (2:22)

NetScaler Gateway is a front end for XenDesktop and XenApp environments to provide better application performance, security and seamless management and user experience. It is the only solution to provide visibility and monitoring of ICA protocol and instantly triage network and application issues.

NetScaler Gateway provides security, optimization and better performance for XenMobile deployments (2:28)

NetScaler Gateway improves security, optimizes the network traffic and improves performance for XenMobile deployments.

Instantly triage application and network issues with HDX Insight

HDX Insight allows network and application admins to triage connectivity issues instantly. HDX Insight optionally integrates seamlessly with Director in XenDesktop 7.0+ and offers a single pane of glass for support desk. It also offers historical and real-time reports that can be used proactively for improving networks and a better user experience.


Streamline access control through centralized and granular corporate policies

SmartAccess technology provides administrators with access control management, allowing them to set policies that limit application access based on user identity, location and the configuration of the endpoint device. NetScaler Gateway stores these policies in one location on the Edge that is easier to manage and implement.

Deliver secure access to any application for any user anywhere on any device

End-users enjoy a single, seamless point of secure remote access and single sign-on capabilities to all of their apps and data, allowing them to easily roam across devices and networks without losing their current session.  Administrators benefit from a single point of control, plus tools to help ensure compliance with regulations and the highest levels of information security across and outside the enterprise.

"NetScaler Gateway has enhanced remote access to core applications and business continuity."

Sahil Munjal
Head of IT
Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd.

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