How NetScaler Gateway helps your business

Citrix NetScaler Gateway SSL VPN appliances protect intellectual property while enabling users to work securely from anywhere. 

Manage access control with corporate policies

NetScaler Gateway’s patent-pending SmartAccess technology provides administrators with access control management, allowing admins to set policies that define acceptable actions based on user identity, location and the configuration of the endpoint device. For example, a user may have full access (read, save locally, print, etc.) to a set of files when utilizing her office PC-–but may be restricted to read-only access in less secure remote access scenarios such as connecting through an unrecognized kiosk device or from a mobile device on a public network. Similarly, if an employee tries to log in to corporate apps and data via a home PC that does not have an active anti-virus update service, that employee may not be able to access certain mission-critical systems. With SmartAccess and MicroVPN, administrators have the ultimate flexibility to develop and implement corporate policies that enforce data and application security.


Empowers users to work from anywhere

NetScaler Gateway provides an unparalleled access experience for millions of users on a daily basis, and market-leading application and data security and access control management for IT administrators. For end-users, NetScaler Gateway provides a single, seamless point of secure remote access and single sign-on capabilities to all of their apps and data. Additionally, users can easily roam across devices and networks without losing their current session.  For administrators, NetScaler Gateway delivers a single point of control, and tools to help ensure compliance with regulations and the highest levels of information security across and outside the enterprise.

Creates the right application security solution for your business

Flexible purchase and deployment options give you the flexibility you need to meet the secure application access requirements of your business. When you're ready to deploy, intuitive management tools make NetScaler Gateway fast, easy, and cost-effective to rollout and manage on a day-to-day basis. For users, client software is already included in Citrix Receiver – eliminating the need for any additional endpoint software. Additionally, the software is automatically updated via web deployment without user intervention. With NetScaler Gateway, IT can make mobile users as productive on-the-go as they are in the office – without the cost and complexity of installing, configuring, and updating client software on each device.

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