NetScaler for SDN

An open, app-driven software defined platform

NetScaler for SDN – powered by the next generation of the NetScaler SDX platform – is an open platform that makes the whole network app-driven by unifying best-in-class L4-7 network services into an application control layer, and integrating this application control with existing transport networks and emerging software defined network (SDN) technologies. NetScaler for SDN makes emerging L2-3 SDN technologies app-driven by using app-centric definitions and policies to simplify network design and make the whole network more intelligent.

Unlike monolithic approaches that compromise functional depth for functional breadth by adding piecemeal extensions to existing products, NetScaler for SDN consolidates best-in-class application delivery services onto an open, unified platform.

Make today’s networks and tomorrow’s SDNs truly app-driven

Leveraging the underlying next generation of the NetScaler SDX platform, NetScaler for SDN gives you:

  • More control over your whole network by creating a unified application control layer composed of best-in-class L4-L7 network services
  • Simplified administration of your whole network by using a prescriptive, app-driven approach for defining networking policy and topology and automating network configuration
  • Consolidation of network services while preserving best-in-class network functionality
  • A smarter network by ingraining true application awareness and comprehensive control into both existing L2-3 infrastructures and emerging SDN architectures


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