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Citrix NetScaler makes applications run five times better, reduces web application ownership costs, optimizes the user experience, and makes sure that applications are always available.


End-to-end application visibility and real-time control

NetScaler Insight Center addresses application visibility challenges by delivering network-based instrumentation that is both network- and application-aware.  This efficient and powerful management system transforms raw data into actionable information for XenApp and XenDesktop traffic with HDX Insight and for web traffic with Web Insight.

Citrix NetScaler Insight Center - HDX Insight (2:32)

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Learn About AppFlow (6:06)

Learn how AppFlow helps gain application intelligence in standards-based format supported by leading third-party systems management vendors without the need for any taps or agents.

Optimized application delivery with advanced load balancing

Citrix NetScaler delivers 100% application availability, enhanced end-to-end performance, advanced application-layer attack protection, and improved server efficiency – all in a single device, with a unified, easy-to-define policy.

Secure and optimize your XenDesktop and XenApp solutions

XenApp and XenDesktop deployments can span multiple data centers, mobile and remote users and a variety of devices, making security and user-experience critical factors for success. Through advanced enhancements, Citrix NetScaler can significantly improve the user experience for XenApp and XenDesktop deployments while improving security.

Networking for XenDesktop Chalk Talk (2:55)

View this Chalk Talk to learn about Citrix networking solutions for your virtual desktop.

Superior mobile delivery

Deliver smooth and reliable connectivity through effective load distribution and robust end-to-end policy and management controls.

Citrix for Mobile Device Management (1:49)

Citrix allows your IT department to say "yes" to mobile devices at work. Learn how Citrix mobile device management can help!

Next generation application security

NetScaler delivers extensive web defense capabilities that perfectly complement advanced malware protection solutions. Enterprises can ensure the availability, security, usability and agility of their web properties while successfully thwarting DoS and application layer attacks intended to disrupt business and exfiltrate valuable data.

Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall Introduction (1:52)

This brief video introduces the Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall and highlights a few of the protections available for web applications.

Unprecedented cloud scalability for your datacenter

An efficient enterprise cloud network makes network resources elastic so that performance can be scaled on-demand. With TriScale technology, Citrix enables a genuine revolution with an unrivaled set of capabilities that smartly scale application and service delivery infrastructures affordably and easily.

Centralized network orchestration and policy enforcement

Command Center enables centralized management of dozens of NetScaler ADC appliances, whether they are distributed globally or reside in a datacenter. Command Center reduces operational expenses by automating routine management tasks and centrally monitoring the health and performance of the application delivery environment.

Compare to the competition

Your ADC is one of the most critical elements of your datacenter and cloud architecture. Learn why Citrix NetScaler has rapidly gained market share by providing the features and functionality you need to build next generation-infrastructures that deliver optimal value as your needs evolve.

See how customers benefit from NetScaler

Terveystalo keeps important patient data secure (4:05)

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NetScaler for Software Defined Networks (SDN)

The NetScaler SDX platform makes the whole network app-driven by unifying best-in-class L4-7 network services into an application control layer that integrates with existing transport networks and emerging SDN technologies. It also makes emerging L2-3 SDN technologies app-driven by using app-centric definitions and policies to simplify network design and make the whole network more intelligent.

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NetScaler for SDN Partner solution briefs

CA SiteMinder and NetScaler SDX (2:52)

Leverage the NetScaler SDX Service Delivery Platform to Streamline Indentity Access Management

Palo Alto Networks and NetScaler SDX (:56)

This short video describes the joint partnership between Palo Alto Networks and Citrix NetScaler for SDN

Websense and NetScaler SDX (2:11)

This short video describes the joint solution between Websense and NetScaler SDX

Trend Micro and NetScaler SDX (2:36)

This is a short video describing the Trend Micro and NetScaler SDX

RSA and NetScaler SDX (1:49)

This short video describes the joint solution between RSA and NetScaler SDX

BlueCat and NetScaler SDX (1:38)

This short video describes the joint solution between BlueCat and Citrix NetScaler SDX

NetScaler for Mobile Operators

NetScaler is built for the virtualized network.  Its agile application delivery enables the service agility promised by virtualized next generation networks. Deployed in the mobile cores of the largest group operators supporting over 100 million broadband subscribers and growing, NetScaler enhances the performance of 3G, 4G and LTE services and in Telco clouds delivering enterprise services.


Key benefits

  • On-demand scalability
  • Flexible, virtual architecture
  • Intelligent mobile traffic management

Architectural Diagram

NetScaler for Mobile Operators Architectural Diagram

NetScaler: Scale Control Plane Services

Scale Control Plane Services

  • Manage and control traffic to DIAMETER and IMS/SIP applications
  • Implement Layer 7 (L7) policies
  • Secure and optimize DNS infrastructure with high performance cache, authoritative DNS and DNSSEC

Simplify the S/Gi-LAN

  • Optimize delivery of value added  services with high-capacity MPX platform or multi-tenant SDX platform
  • Support intelligent traffic steering in the same platform
NetScaler: Transition to IPv6 in a controlled fashion

Transition to IPv6 in a controlled fashion

  • Re-use IPv4 addresses
  • Translate IPv6 clients to access IPv4 services
  • Provide access to IPv6 services by IPv4 clients

Simplify Support for MVNOs

  • Create fault isolation for delivery of services and applications for each MVNO
  • Leverage SDX to create virtual ADCs for each MVNO
  • Steer data path and signaling traffic separately for each MVNO
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Architectural Diagram

NetScaler for NFV

NetScaler for CGNAT

Citrix NetScaler CGNAT Solution Video (1:43)

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NetScaler for Telco Clouds

More Resources

Cloud-first architecture for mobile operators (3:31)

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How do I deploy NetScaler?

Pre-defined AppExpert templates for common enterprise applications relieve datacenter managers from having to gain application expertise just to optimize the delivery of common enterprise apps. Step-by-step technical deployment guides provide detailed configuration and deployment guidelines for the most popular business applications.

NetScaler Training Courses and Labs

Get more out of your NetScaler deployment

NetScaler provides a secure, scalable foundation that strengthens your Citrix solutions.


NetScaler services help secure and optimize your XenDesktop solutions


NetScaler with XenMobile enables enterprise mobility with uncompromised performance and security.


Add WAN optimization and transparent cloud connectivity to your solution.