Maximize cloud scalability with the world's most advanced mobile and web application delivery controller

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Citrix NetScaler is an all-in-one web application delivery controller that makes applications run five times better, reduces web application ownership costs, and makes sure that applications are always available.  It is deployed in thousands of networks around the globe to optimize, secure and control the delivery of all enterprise and cloud services and maximize the end user experience for all users including mobile clients.

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NetScaler integrates with Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches as a remote blade

Citrix NetScaler is the first ADC in the industry to appear as a seamless extension of the Cisco Nexus 7000 switching fabric enabled by Cisco RISE technology, providing all the benefits of an actual physically integrated module including deployment automation, simplified provisioning and configuration, and application-aware traffic visibility.

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NetScaler outperforms the competition by up to 4.8 times

As shown in the Tolly Group’s independent performance tests, the new 8000 Series and the 11500 Series platforms outperform the leading competition by up to 4.8 times. Built to scale, the 8000 Series can scale up to 15 GB of throughput, while the new 11515 to 11542 platforms can scale up to 42 GB of throughput.

Why Citrix TriScale leads in the marketplace (3:14)

Sunil Potti addresses how Citrix NetScaler is the fastest growing ADC.

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Cloud scalability with revolutionary TriScale technology

Scale performance and capacity with built-in cloud connectivity, and grow with the industry’s most versatile and extensible platform.

NetScaler Clustering performance demo (2:28)

In this video, a 16-node NetScaler cluster is setup to achieve 750 gbps throughput using an ECMP topology. All nodes in the cluster are connected to the switch fabric using an independent LACP channel in order to sustain such load.

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Deliver apps and data with the best performance and reliability

Optimize, secure and control the delivery of all your enterprise and cloud services through a rich feature set that includes global server load balancing (GSLB), application security, and an easy-to-use policy framework for simple deployment.

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Simplify service delivery with a flexible virtual network architecture

Leverage NetScaler SDX to run multiple independent instances of key services, including NetScaler services and third party applications. Control your whole network with a flexible virtual network architecture and a unified application control layer to deliver best-in-class L4-L7 network services, including advanced ADC functionality such as GSLB.

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Secure and optimize your XenDesktop experience

Ensure high availability for critical XenDesktop services for local and mobile users while delivering a rich user experience. Provide strong data security and deliver secure access and visibility.

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Scale, simplify and virtualize mobile services

Subscribers and enterprise customers need network services that are highly responsive, always available and personalized to their workspace and lifestyle.

Citrix TriScale Technology for Mobile Networks (2:07)

Citrix Scale Up, Scale Out and Scale offer mobile operators on demand scalability and multi-tenancy.

Hear from NetScaler customers


I believe Citrix cloud services will transform the way we serve our citizens.
- Gerd Zumkeller

IT Director

County of Rastatt, Germany

Citrix cloud technology will help the University of Sao Paulo maintain its rank as a leading international university.
- Prof. Dr. Antonio Roque Dechen

Administrative Executive Vice Rector

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

In a short time after implementing NetScaler, we achieved a 25% increase in user productivity.
- Ofem Ofem

Head of Networking


We used F5 Networks but the solution is rather expensive, did not have all the required features and was not robust enough for our cloud and managed services model.
- Kevin Van Mondfrans

Vice President of Products

Layered Tech

By standardizing on NetScaler, Centene was able to improve system and application responsiveness by 25% and achieved 20% cost reduction.
- Dan Drysdale

Director of strategic architecture services


We wanted the best ADC. The Citrix solution had more features and was, according to our calculations, more cost effective with a TCO of about 25% lower than the nearest competitor.
- Arnold Juffer


Van Dijk Education

NetScaler enabled EEG to improve data security and eliminated the need to upgrade bandwidth between the branches.
- Trevor T. Prokop

Manager, system administration

Empire Education Group

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