NetScaler technologies for high performance and strong ROI

Citrix TriScale technology

TriScale provides the ultimate in flexible and easy-to-deploy capacity scaling. IT administrators can dramatically expand performance, whether locally or throughout public, private or hybrid clouds in multiple synergistic ways. TriScale uniquely provides the ability to dynamically scale up for cloud elasticity, scale in through consolidation and scale out for expanded capacity.

Dozens of NetScaler appliances may be clustered together to linearly scale out a large unified group with a single system image. In this scenario all NetScaler appliances work in concert to deliver any application or service. At the same time each clustered appliance may be scaled up by five times via either Pay-As-You-Grow or Burst Pack license upgrades. Further, services may be scaled in through consolidating up to forty NetScaler instances on each NetScaler SDX appliance. TriScale is available for NetScaler every MPXSDX and VPX appliance.

Citrix AppFlow

Citrix AppFlow is an innovative open standards technology that transforms the data collected by existing networking devices into powerful operational and business intelligence. AppFlow is an extension to IPFIX, a widely used flow monitoring standard supported by a large ecosystem of vendor tools. Networking products using AppFlow generate and export detailed application flow records. This AppFlow information is then collected, correlated and analyzed by popular performance monitoring and business intelligence tools for rich reporting and analysis.

AppFlow technology enables IT organizations to monitor and improve application performance and availability SLAs. All Citrix NetScaler platforms and editions include integrated support for AppFlow technology.

AppFlow Features:

  • Non-intrusive data collection: Detailed records are produced by existing NetFlow-based elements to leverage in-place networking real estate, eliminating the need to deploy intrusive network taps or install software agents on each application server in the environment.
  • Robust intelligence gathering: AppFlow records provide basic TCP information on network level traffic (source and destination addresses, total packet counts, timing information, latency and transaction and connection IDs pertinent) as well as transactional information for each application (per-request URLs, user agent and server response times). This data is tightly coupled with the network data, correlated with per user session and connection, then exported to an AppFlow solution.
  • Open Technology: Open, innovative technology supported by the AppFlow community with active participation from customers, vendors and industry experts.
  • Support by leading operational and business intelligence vendors

NetScaler nCore technology

Citrix NetScaler nCore application accelerator technology delivers a seven fold increase in performance and scalability and provides new levels of advanced web application delivery controller performance for even the most challenging web applications.

nCore application accelerator technology increases the performance and scalability of NetScaler MPX platforms at no additional cost. nCore technology breaks the single CPU performance barrier that limits the performance, scalability, and extensibility of competing web application accelerator solutions. It is a true 64-bit architecture that is built from the ground up to intelligently distribute packet flows across multiple CPU cores for high-performance parallel processing.

With nCore, you get:

  • Seven times better performance and scalability
  • Increased performance of Web 2.0 applications
  • Greater ability to handle traffic spikes and capacity to support more users and applications
  • All-in-one platform for web application delivery controller requirements
  • Performance, scalability, integration, ease of management
  • Reduced CapEx, OpEx, maintenance, and support costs

Integrated Web Interface server

The Citrix Web Interface for XenApp and XenDesktop operates natively on both NetScaler MPX and NetScaler VPX with nCore technology. Web Interface enumerates the applications and desktops for both XenApp and XenDesktop that are available to a particular user, and publishes these in a browser window.

Why run Web Interface on Citrix NetScaler?

  • Improve network security by deploying Web Interface in the DMZ (not in the Intranet) so that no extra network firewall openings are required for Web Interface access and callbacks.
  • Multiple authentication methods are available including LDAP, RADIUS, NTLM, and TACACS+.
  • Over 7,500 concurrent Web Interface sessions are sustained by NetScaler MPX hardware models.
  • Simplified network infrastructure with Web Interface configured through the NetScaler graphical user interface.
  • Superior session capacity and reduced latency is provided via dedicated SSL VPN hardware support.

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