NetScaler services help secure and optimize your XenDesktop solutions

IT organizations are constantly faced with the challenge of ensuring a consistent user experience across a variety of devices, including mobile devices being accessed from a range of bandwidths and locations in virtual desktop deployments.  They need to ensure availability, security, performance, visibility and scalability of their virtual desktop solutions.

IT organizations are faced with the following challenges:

  • Ensuring high availability for critical XenDesktop services for local and mobile users
  • Providing strong data security  and delivering secure access
  • Providing visibility and easy troubleshooting
  • Delivering a scalable solution without requiring forklift for upgrades

NetScaler delivers best-of-breed XenDesktop delivery solutions

The Citrix NetScaler service delivery solution is ideally suited to meet the challenges faced by today’s IT organizations. NetScaler helps your organization fully realize the benefits of its desktop virtualization deployment by integrating extensive capabilities for optimizing, securing and ensuring the delivery of virtual desktops.

Transitioning to mobile solutions

NetScaler helps enterprises embrace the mobility needs of users while giving IT the control they need to secure the business and provide the same user experience as a traditional environment.  With CloudGateway, employees can access their business apps and data through a self-service enterprise app store that leverages the consistent, rich user experience of Citrix Receiver. NetScaler provides load balancing capabilities for the app store and tools to monitor health status and configuration parameters, both for routine administration as well as analysis and troubleshooting.   

Ensuring secure access

As an integral component of NetScaler, Citrix Access Gateway is a full-featured secure sockets layer (SSL) virtual private network (VPN).  Organizations benefit from several security capabilities important to a virtual desktop operating model, without the need to deploy any additional devices. IT administrators can control user access on a granular level and access to resources based on specific attributes.

Providing visibility for a streamlined user experience

Citrix virtual desktop solutions employ optimized ICA display protocols to help ensure the best performance over wide area networks (WANs).  NetScaler provides complete visibility into the ICA protocol, facilitating troubleshooting and capacity planning to help streamline and improve the user experience.  NetScaler also acts as an ICA proxy, enabling secure connections to the XenDesktop environment. 

Delivering a scalable solution

NetScaler includes advanced load balancing capabilities, enabling IT administrators to seamlessly scale up essential virtual desktop components such as connection broker, security measures and management servers. Additional capacity can be added by simply deploying another instance of the desired component, and NetScaler will automatically balance the workload among all available instances.

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