NetScaler service delivery helps your business

Deliver applications and data services with the best performance and reliability

Whether you're responsible for your organization's enterprise datacenter, or you are a cloud or service provider supporting numerous global customers, NetScaler is the best solution to optimize, secure and control the delivery of all your enterprise and cloud services. Its rich feature set includes local and global server load balancing, full web app firewall security, fast application acceleration capabilities, and an easy-to-use policy framework for simple deployment — with absolutely no programming required.

Build cloud scale with revolutionary Citrix TriScale technology

As IT managers transform their traditional datacenters into enterprise clouds, they need real solutions that scale performance on-demand for cloud-like elasticity, expand capacity seamlessly to meet application traffic growth, and consolidate core network capabilities like load balancing, security and acceleration for all datacenter applications into a single platform. Citrix TriScale technology is the right strategy for enterprises and service providers that need multiple methods for scaling their network.

Without NetScaler, we would have needed additional servers to handle growth. Avoiding buying additional servers and upgrading bandwidth saved us over 30.000 euros immediately. This is an attractive return on investment.
- Ignace Quaghebeur

System Engineer


Our number-one project is implementing the Oracle ERP. Giving brokers and co-manufacturers secure access to the system is imperative. Citrix NetScaler was the best solution for delivering Oracle with reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness.
- George Scangas

IT Infrastructure Manager

Welch Foods, Inc.

Enable a superior mobile application experience

As a cloud computing company that enables mobile workstyles, Citrix is leading the way in upgrading the datacenter network to support mobile communications. NetScaler offers advanced mobility features that ensure smooth and reliable connectivity for mobile devices to help mobile users be more productive while enjoying a superior experience. Through protocol extensions such as Multipath TCP and features such as visibility and control through NetScaler Insight Center, NetScaler boosts performance, availability and security.

Empower control and confidence with full application security and visibility

The NetScaler solution integrates a powerful application firewall to protect web applications from attack, prevent leakage of sensitive customer data and company confidential information, and help organizations comply with strict data security mandates, such as PCI-DSS. It combines a comprehensive attack detection database to immediately identify and block known security threats, along with a positive security model that blocks 'zero-day' attacks. To help monitor and improve application performance, NetScaler includes AppFlow, an open industry-standard that supports popular application monitoring and business intelligence tools. With NetScaler and AppFlow, you gain end-to-end visibility, ensure compliance and protect valuable corporate assets.

Grow your business with the most versatile and extensible platform for service delivery

Build an end-to-end service delivery fabric to optimally deliver any type of application – enterprise, cloud, mobile or web – using a single NetScaler platform to meet performance and availability SLAs. NetScaler offers flexible deployment hardware and software appliance choices, along with a unified management framework to streamline policy definition and control.

Learn about the features that make NetScaler the best network solution to scale and secure cloud services

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