TriScale technology delivers unprecedented cloud scalability to your datacenter

NetScaler with Citrix TriScale technology scales and secures cloud services, achieving 100 percent network utilization. IT teams can build enterprise cloud networks that can scale UP performance 5x, scale OUT capacity by 32x, and scale IN consolidation by running up to 40 appliances in a single platform.

Pay-As-You-Grow elasticity

Pay-As-You-Grow is a simple licensing model that provides 5x faster performance on demand, with no new hardware for better investment protection.

Deploy only what you need

No need for expensive hardware refreshes to increase performance. Eliminate costly over-provisioning to make sure that current equipment will meet future requirements. There is a better approach: buy only what you need today, then easily scale up your network as demand grows with a simple software license upgrade.

Instantaneously upgrade performance for transient traffic spikes

Citrix NetScaler Burst Packs offer even more flexibility. Burst Packs enable you to convert an existing NetScaler MPX hardware or VPX virtual appliance deployment to the highest performance available for the particular platform for enhanced capacity for up to 90 days. This allows you to provision only the necessary performance for durations of limited peak traffic, reducing capital and operational expenses, lengthy procurement cycles and installation times for new appliances.

Only NetScaler offers this unique combination of Pay-As-You-Grow and Burst Packs licenses for the ultimate flexibility in capacity expansion on-demand.

TriScale clustering

Citrix TriScale clustering – new in NetScaler 10 – ensures that the app delivery infrastructure always has the capacity and performance to handle the demands of even the most intensive application or service. It provides enterprises and service providers the ability to scale out capacity to massive levels by enabling up to 32 NetScaler appliances, physical or virtual, to work in unison to deliver one or more applications. It also provides an alternative to high-availability (HA) ADC appliance deployments, so that 100% of network resources are put to productive use.

Breakthrough 3 Tbps+ scale for application delivery

Two to 32 NetScaler appliances can be clustered together to scale ADC capacity beyond 3 Tbps+. Because capacity can be added incrementally, and only when needed, datacenter managers can achieve cloud-like scale without making major capital investments in expensive chassis-based systems, or massively overprovisioning their network.

Preserve simplicity with unified cluster management

NetScaler clusters simplify operational management tasks by providing a single policy management view for the entire cluster. All aspects of ADC management remain constant, even as the cluster expands to meet future growth. Policy changes are made just once, and automatically propagated across all nodes. Additionally, the cluster architecture aggregates all performance and traffic statistics for all nodes so that the NetScaler administrator maintains a single view of all activity, events, logs, reports, etc.

Full high availability

Clustered nodes automatically synchronize information so the failure of any one node does not force an application client to completely restart their session. The reliability benefits of a traditional active-passive HA pair is preserved – but without the inefficiency of deploying idle hardware.

Ensured transparency

TriScale enables the NetScaler appliance cluster to appear as a single resource (i.e. single virtual IP address) to all users, preserving the transparency that has made ADC deployment fundamental and strategic within modern datacenter designs.

Complete performance scaling

Intelligent clustering expands application delivery capacity as measured against all performance metrics, including total traffic throughput, TCP and application transaction rates, concurrent user counts, SSL transaction rates, and more. NetScaler customers can completely leverage all ADC appliance capacity that is deployed.

Seamless, linear scalability

Adding or removing nodes from a NetScaler cluster incurs zero downtime and results in a predictable, linear change to aggregate performance and capacity. New nodes added to a cluster immediately advertise themselves and automatically begin to absorb their share of the load.

High efficiency

Multiple methods for distributing traffic among nodes in a cluster enable IT managers to select the best mechanism to meet their application and datacenter needs. In addition, cooperative health checks ensure that the health of backend web and application servers is monitored efficiently, avoiding the need for every node to interrogate the status of every back-end server.

Network infrastructure consolidation

NetScaler SDX is a high-performance appliance with an advanced virtualized architecture built to efficiently consolidate multiple, independently managed appliances into a single platform – while maintaining security and performance SLAs.

Simple consolidation

Easily collapse multiple load balancers and ADC appliances into a single platform and meet the distinct needs of individual business units, critical applications and service provider clients. Complete isolation of per-client traffic satisfies security and compliance mandates and eases operational administration through version control and lifecycle management.

Uncompromising performance

Get the power of NetScaler MPX hardware with advanced virtualization and I/O acceleration to support aggregate performance of up to 50 Gbps. Each NetScaler instance can reach up to 18 Gbps to meet the application needs of business tenants.

Simple management

A single control plane streamlines multi-tenant operations for unified provisioning, as well as monitoring and management of multiple concurrent NetScaler instances. Not only is each NetScaler instance managed independently, but each NetScaler can run a different software version and support independent IP addressing schemes to preserve end-to-end isolation of application traffic between different clients.

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