Global server load balancing

The NetScaler load balancer takes the layer 4-7 load balancer capabilities and applies them worldwide across geographically distributed server farms to provide the following benefits:

  • Critical business continuity and disaster recovery support in case of site level disruptions and outages
  • Geographic and network proximity to provide the best performance, as remote users have their sessions routed to the closest or best performing datacenter
  • Monitoring of numerous site level health attributes to ensure optimum load balancing of global traffic
  • Optimization on an enterprise wide basis. If a datacenter goes off line, each user's session is transparently redirected by the NetScaler load balancer to another location without the user having any knowledge of the changeover

Unlike many other load balancer solutions on the market, the NetScaler load balancer fully integrates global server load balancing into the local load balancer policy. A separate, standalone global server load balancer device is not required.

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