What's new with CloudPlatform

New Citrix CloudPlatform 4.5 enables expanded workload support, more operational control and further deployment choice

Citrix CloudPlatform 4.5 helps transition organizations to cloud computing by transforming infrastructure-as-a-service with broadened support for graphics workloads, greater operational control of underlying resources, and a preview of future deployment options.

Consolidate multiple workloads onto a single platform

CloudPlatform 4.5 uniquely runs graphics via native GPU-accelerated computing.  This allows IT to support graphics users of all types – professional, power users and knowledge workers.  You can dedicate a GPU to a VM with GPU pass-through for high performance computing, or share GPU hardware acceleration between users who work with rich content using Virtual GPU (vGPU) technology.

Enhance operational efficiency with faster network configuration

With CloudPlatform 4.5, not only can upgrading Virtual Router (VR) configurations be done in a round-robin fashion to reduce impact to users, but the configuration and restart process is now much faster, helping to maintain continuous operations. CloudPlatform 4.5 is now also integrated with Citrix Insight Services – the Citrix Tools as a Service diagnostics platform – which helps preempt unplanned downtime by analyzing environment information and spotting potential conflicts before they occur.

Expand IT Agility

Take advantage of new guest operating systems without waiting for a new release of Citrix CloudPlatform.  Customers can submit a request to Citrix to dynamically add hypervisor-supported guest operating systems as they become available. This enables IT to adopt the latest guest operating systems between Citrix CloudPlatform release cycles.


Explore two experimental features delivering further workload deployment flexibility

Bare metal on advanced networks

Bare metal deployments, which run virtual machines without a host operating system, are supported by Citrix CloudPlatform on basic networking topologies.  New in CloudPlatform 4.5 is an experimental feature supporting bare metal workloads running on advanced network configurations, which utilize sophisticated capabilities around traffic isolation, security and virtual local area networks (VLAN).


The Linux Containers (LXC) experimental feature provides an alternative way to package and run workloads on infrastructure delivering very high density per host, maximizing hardware resources and delivering very fast deployment time.