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Discover, model, automate and manage applications for pivotal application migration projects, including virtualization, Windows Server 2003 to Server 2008/2012 and other initiatives.

What makes AppDNA different?

AppDNA software automates the manual tasks normally involved in day-to-day application compatibility and application management. It also simplifies daily management tasks like implementing patches or service packs and reporting on critical information.

Automated application testing

Determining the behavior of applications across multiple operating systems and virtualization environments, AppDNA software enables you to test a variety of deployment options for commercial, homegrown and web applications more quickly and with impeccable accuracy.

Clear application remediation

AppDNA software provides clear explanations and application remediation fixes for applications issues, helping you align optimal application remediation processes for the enterprise and the project. By recognizing application changes, you can make the right deployment decisions.

Automated application packaging

AppDNA software simplifies and automates application packaging for Windows operating systems or application virtualization projects with automated package creation. Application packagers can spend valuable time on strategic tasks instead of laboring through manual testing and repackaging.

Daily application management

After the migration, AppDNA software provides ongoing application management to save time, cost and risk when new applications, patches, service packs or new technology initiatives impact the IT organization. By taking care of your applications on a regular basis, you can better prepare for new application deployment, Windows Server 2003 to Server 2008/2012 or private cloud projects.

Application management reporting

AppDNA software reports provide unprecedented insight into your application portfolio. Reports can be customized for local brand, customs and detail purposes as well as technical or business-focused information. 

How do I deploy AppDNA?

AppDNA enables faster application migration, easier application virtualization and streamlined application management.  Use the documentation below to learn more about deploying AppDNA.

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Get more out of your AppDNA deployment

AppDNA guides business decisions about application migration, application management and evolution.


Discover, automate, model and manage applications for migrations, new virtualization technology deployments and daily application management. 


Guide business decisions about application migration, application management and evolution with highly accurate application testing, compatibility and remediation.