Simplify application deployment, migration and management

Citrix AppDNA software helps enterprises discover, model, automate and manage applications for pivotal application migration projects, including virtualization, XP to Windows 8.1 and other initiatives. With unparalleled accuracy and incredible speed, AppDNA software accelerates application deployments.

Discover Application Options

Sophisticated heuristic algorithms uniquely enable AppDNA software to interrogate an application’s installation, files and API usage to expose the application’s DNA. This information is then used to automate application testing and model the best application delivery options, showing application readiness for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, XenApp, Microsoft App-V, Windows Server 2012 and 64-bit computing.

Model, Plan and Deploy

Coupling application, operating system, user and device information with advanced modeling features, AppDNA software enables accurate project scoping, infrastructure resource estimation, staffing requirements, and timeline and budget projections. AppDNA software lets IT remediate application issues with clear information and enables enterprises to more readily provide applications whenever and wherever the business needs them.

Automate Processes

Armed with data from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory, AppDNA software helps drive application delivery decisions and automates application testing, remediation and packaging. AppDNA software seamlessly creates virtual application packages by invoking the native Citrix XenApp Profiler or Microsoft App-V Sequencer to automatically create virtual packages.

Manage Applications

AppDNA software stores the detail about the application portfolio’s readiness, making it easier to re-use this information when new applications, service packs and other upgrades need to be addressed. This enables significant cost savings on day-to-day application management while maintaining valuable intelligence about the application environment.

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