Clear application remediation

AppDNA software provides clear explanations and application remediation fixes for issues, helping you align application remediation processes for the enterprise and the project. By recognizing application changes, you can make the right deployment decisions.

Determine best application deployment paths

AppDNA software simplifies application deployment modeling and helps you make informed decisions for application deployment based on the red/amber/green status of application compatibility testing. Organizations make informed decisions for application deployment, whether physical deployment via Windows, virtual deployment via Microsoft App-V or Citrix XenApp or a virtual desktop option combining Windows Server 2012 and Citrix XenDesktop.

Align staff, budget and resources for deployments

Clear application compatibility results help you determine how to best align staff, budget and resources. AppDNA software reports show which applications should go to application packaging teams and which need to go to an application specialist. By choosing different application deployment options, you can decide whether some sets of applications should be virtualized on Microsoft App-V or Citrix XenApp instead of physically deployed via Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. AppDNA software has the ability to combine application information with user, group and device information via unique integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory as well as the ability to consume information from Lakeside Software.

Know the effect of applications on users

AppDNA software simplifies decision making by showing you in advance the impact of different application deployments on the organization. Consuming managed application information from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory as well as unmanaged application data from Lakeside Software, only AppDNA can show both application issues and their direct effect on users, groups or devices. Learn if a troublesome application is a problem for just one user or thousands. Simplify choices by knowing the results of application deployments on the organization.

Calculate application migration effort

AppDNA software models the impact of changes in project timeline, staff numbers, staff cost or the number of applications deployed. You can sort groups of users, such as the human resources department, to determine which enterprise groups may be easiest to deploy first, and gauge the time it may take to migrate work groups or regional divisions. Model the project numbers based on the applications, staff, budget and timeline.

Simplify application remediation

AppDNA software shows detailed application remediation options to make the best choices for in-house standards and regulations, best practices like ITIL or auditing requirements. Insight into dependencies, change impact and difficulty of remediation helps you choose the best application remediation for your environment and simplifies remediation for web applications, physical deployments or virtual deployments.

Accelerate application remediation

AppDNA software shows the complete application landscape. Green light applications require just a quick manual review and user acceptance testing before deployment. You can remediate application issues in yellow light or red light applications by choosing the best remediation option suggested by AppDNA software or enabling auto-remediation if appropriate in the environment. Tie AppDNA application work to in-house application identification practices for simplified bill-back and tracking.

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