Tested by Facts: MEGA International has Chosen Citrix for its Remote Collaboration Needs

MEGA International Turned to Citrix in 2006 to Meet its Collaboration Needs. Fast Forward to 2011 – Citrix GoToMeeting Embedded into the Business Surpassing All Expectations.

Paris, 20 October 2011 – MEGA International is a recognized leader in enterprise architecture (EA), with business process analysis (BPA) and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions. With offices in eight countries, the company offers its software products and consulting services on an international basis.

Long before the trend towards workshifting became so popular, MEGA was offering its employees the opportunity to spend some of their time working outside of the office environment. Consequently, management recognized the need to provide its workforce with the tools to access corporate resources remotely, attend online meetings and share and work on documents in real-time.

GoToMeeting was selected by Gill Grevet, IT Director, "for its simplicity and efficiency". The initial roll-out was successful and quickly extended on an international scale to operations in the United Kingdom, Germany and Singapore. Grevet pointed out that "thorough testing was carried out, and the fact that all our employees adopted the solution with ease convinced us that it was the perfect tool for our business."

GoToMeeting is now being used by all employees across the organisation on a regular basis. "It is always interesting to note the different ways in which our teams adopt it", pointed out Grevet. "Some staff take advantage of the different capabilities like document sharing chat features, while others simply use the product for what it was originally designed for, online meetings!"

Migrations between the different versions has been totally seamless for the end customer. "We have monitored all the product upgrades. The intermediate updates are made by the users, and the important migrations are performed by Citrix", explains Grevet and concludes that "overall, GoToMeeting has proved to be an all-round success, both in-house and with customers".

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