Citrix Podio Enables “Do-It-Yourself” Apps for Project Management Your Way

New Project Management Apps in the Podio App Market and Google Apps Marketplace Empower More Teams to Work the Way They Want To

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Citrix today announced that Citrix Podio, the cloud-based collaborative work platform, has launched three new “do-it-yourself” project management apps in the Podio App Market, created by leading project management experts Gantthead, ProjectsAtWork and Brad Egeland. Also available today through Podio’s Project Management listing in the Google Apps Marketplace ™, the new apps can be modified and customized (without any technical expertise required) using the Podio App Builder to fit the way any team works. Because building Podio apps is as easy as creating a spreadsheet, even more teams and small businesses can now leverage best practices from Podio’s project management apps, customize them, or create their own apps from scratch, to streamline workflows, manage business processes and become more efficient and productive within any project. According to Gartner Research, “citizen developers”—workers who operate outside the scope of the IT department and create or assemble new business applications for use by their peers— will build at least a quarter of new business applications themselves by 2014, permanently replacing complex legacy project management software that no longer fits the way modern teams collaborate and work together. Podio is the first place to find, create and modify hundreds of different “citizen-developed” apps to support team-based projects across today’s dispersed, cloud-driven and mobile businesses.

Podio has been designed with a fundamental belief that forcing workers to fit their projects and tasks into a set process or structure is like forcing a square peg into a round hole, and that a project management tool should fit the way people work, instead of the other way around. Using the Podio platform, teams can set up workspaces where they can connect with each other, work across different organizations and collaborate socially to be more effective. To customize their workspaces, people can access and modify more than 700 free apps from the Podio App Market, or create new apps to support their preferred workflows. Getting started is free for up to 5 employees. The newly available Podio project management apps have been created by industry leaders to manage distributed agile teams, run a project to PMI standards, and capture the lessons learned upon a project’s completion:

  • ProjectsAtWork is a community of practitioners and thought-leaders breaking down barriers and building bridges to better manage projects, programs, portfolios and teams. ProjectsAtWork’s “Distributed Agile Teams” App is available today in the Podio App Market.
  • Gantthead is the leading community for senior project and IT management, providing intellectual property, deliverables, news, resources, tools, and personalized advice to meet the needs of its members. Gantthead’s “Project Headway” App for PMI-standard project management is available today in the Podio App Market.
  • Brad Egeland is a 25-year project management veteran and author on project management best practices. Brad’s “Lessons Learned” App is available today in the Podio App Market.

Google Apps customers can also now take advantage of Podio’s customizable project management apps and collaborative work platform by installing Podio from the Google Apps Marketplace, Google’s online storefront for Google Apps™ business products and services. Google Apps customers can now use Podio project management apps to turn any email into a task, bring any Google Doc into their project workflow and track project deadlines on their Google Calendar.

No one knows how to execute a project better than the people who actually work on it every day. With Podio project management apps and the limitless flexibility of our collaborative work platform, businesses can be proactive in managing “do-it-yourself” apps and get the right tools in the hands of project teams, while gaining transparency, efficiency and increased productivity.
- Tommy Ahlers

VP of Social Collaboration


Podio gives businesses a scalable way to manage various projects and deliverables from one central place through the concept of ‘apps’ and workspaces. By creating a space and inviting teammates, the apps can be used to power an entire project from start to finish, creating a template for next time as well as any customization needed as projects evolve.
- Dave Garrett

President & CEO


Because most project management tools are meant for reporting on your projects, not for actually working on them, the real work on most projects gets done in spreadsheets and documents, which are not productive when you actually have to work with others. Podio apps make it possible to communicate and collaborate with project team members, while bringing reporting and execution together under one roof.
- Alison Dermer

Publisher and Cofounder


Employees can more efficiently get work done when they can organize things into projects. Podio is designed to do just that, by offering shared workspaces that brings together people, content and tasks. These workspaces are easy to set up without the need for IT involvement and are easy to customize without application developers.
- Alan Lepofsky

Vice President and Principal Analyst

Constellation Research

At eGood, we were using so many platforms that it was tough to get everyone on the same page. Finding Podio was awesome, as it brought together many of those needs into one highly customizable and friendly platform that required zero team training. Podio is now our central platform for all communication, project management, planning, task assignment and external alliance coordination.
- Zack Swire

President of SWIRE and Founder


Podio App Market

Workers can access and modify more than 700 free apps from the Podio App Market including:

  • Client Project Management: Collaborate with clients on a project with defined deliverables, roles, and resources. Get the Client Project Management app for free in the Podio App Market.
  • Project Portfolio Management: Manage your team’s project portfolio and keep everyone on the same page. Get the Project Portfolio Management app for free in the Podio App Market.
  • Simple Project Management: The fastest way to get started using Podio for project management, by defining your projects, deliverables, and meetings. Get the Simple Project Management app for free in the Podio App Market.


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