2015 Innovation Award for Customers

This prestigious award recognizes visionary customers who are using Citrix solutions for cloud and collaboration services, networking and virtualization to drive innovation and IT simplicity. Watch the videos, get inspired and see how Citrix solutions help customers around the world experience work and life in harmony.

Finalists will be showcased at Citrix Synergy 2015, May 12-14 in Orlando, Florida.

2014 Winner


A world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software and services, Autodesk used Citrix CloudPlatform to build a private cloud for its Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) program. By providing on-demand development and test resources for engineering groups worldwide, the company boosts R&D productivity, execution speed, and workforce flexibility by simplifying IT with on-demand cloud services.
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2014 Finalists

BT Global Services

As a division of UK telecommunications operator BT Group, BT Global Services delivers a combination of communications and IT services to more than 10,000 organizations and governments worldwide. BT Cloud Compute, developed using Citrix cloud solutions, was designed to provide a single point of control via a self-service portal, enabling ‘pay-as-you-go’ cloud solutions tailored to customer-specific needs.
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Taco, Inc.

Taco, Inc., America's leader in hydronic systems for residential and commercial building applications, is providing its workforce with anywhere, any-device access to applications, desktops and paperless content—transforming the traditional image of a manufacturing organization. Using Citrix solutions for collaboration, virtualization, mobility and networking, Taco is increasing productivity and efficiency, while creating value for customers and a competitive advantage for the company.
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Westpac Bank

Westpac Bank Group, an Australian financial services company, has introduced a hosted virtual desktop solution, transforming the delivery of services to the company’s retail business by allowing employees to use their own devices for work while improving mobility and security. Using Citrix technology to replace local servers with a centralized environment, Westpac has improved customer service and reduced IT costs.
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Congratulations to Autodesk, winner of the 2014 Citrix Innovation Award at Synergy! Special thanks to all our finalists for sharing their inspiring stories of business transformation and innovation with Citrix.

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2013 Innovation Awards for Synergy Los Angeles

Essar (Finalist) (3:06)

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Essar is a multinational corporation with global operations across diverse industry sectors including steel, energy, communications, minerals, shipping and construction. Together with its BPO division, Aegis, Essar launched a BYOD initiative to support expansion and growth plans worldwide. Using Citrix virtualization and networking solutions, Essar is increasing productivity and improving cost efficiencies across its divisions.

2012 Innovation Awards for Synergy Barcelona

2012 Innovation Awards for Synergy San Francisco

2011 Innovation Awards for Synergy Barcelona

2011 Innovation Awards for Synergy San Francisco

2010 Innovation Awards for Synergy Berlin

The Co-operative Group (Winner) (4:00)

With over 4.5 million members, the U.K.'s largest consumer cooperative uses desktop virtualization to save millions on hardware, licensing, support, and energy, while improving employee satisfaction and worker flexibility.

2010 Innovation Awards for Synergy San Francisco

Genpact (Finalist) (5:37)

Next-generation desktop computing service drives innovation for this leader in managing business processes for companies around the world.

ND SatCom (Finalist) (2:23)

A leading system integrator of satellite communication networks and products leverages virtual apps to drive business expansion and a new service delivery model.

2009 Innovation Awards

Emory Healthcare (Winner) (4:07)

Georgia's largest health system relies on an end-to-end Citrix virtualization solution to efficiently and flexibly deliver information to clinicians anywhere, on any device.

HDFC Bank (Finalist) (4:24)

With an expansion strategy fueled by a flexible and scalable infrastructure, India's second largest private bank is able to quickly and cost-effectively open hundreds of branches in any location.

Tesco (Finalist) (4:11)

One of the largest grocery retailers in the world, Tesco is enabling growth and expansion in new geographies while increasing operational efficiency.

2008 Innovation Awards

Cocamar (Winner) (4:04)

For this Brazilian cooperative, a Citrix solution eliminated application downtime, and allowed IT to refocus on business needs.

Bechtel (Finalist) (3:47)

This top U.S. construction contractor adopted an end-to-end IT virtualization strategy to consolidate its datacenters in order to securely deliver applications.

Mutual of Omaha (Finalist) (3:32)

This 100-year-old insurance company has taken major steps to diversify into new financial services areas to achieve higher returns, and become more agile as an organization.

2007 Innovation Awards

Cox Communication (Winner) (3:19)

Cox Communications, the third-largest cable provider in the U.S., delivers full telecommunications, high-speed Internet connectivity and cable TV services to more than six million residential and commercial customers. The Arizona business unit has experienced strong growth of more than 20 percent per year due to sharp increases in population, new service offerings and the acquisition of a small cable company. Cox Enterprises, the parent organization, places a high value on environmental responsibility and community involvement.

Australian Sports Commission (Finalist) (3:29)

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) works with athletes of all levels, and administers a national program offering physical fitness activities to children after school.

HSBC Bank (Finalist) (3:35)

As a global financial services company, it is critical that HSBC Bank have a reliable IT infrastructure to support the workforce agility required for continuous operations under any circumstances, while adhering to stringent security regulations.

2006 Innovation Awards

Betfair (Winner) (3:12)

This UK-based online betting exchange relies on Citrix NetScaler to serve more than a billion page impressions per month to over 800,000 registered users, while saving on bandwidth costs and boosting site security.

McAfee, Inc (Finalist) (2:53)

Find out how McAfee uses Citrix GoToAssist to provide technical support for its intrusion prevention solutions that secure systems and networks around the world, while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Ryerson (Finalist) (3:03)

A leading metals distributor uses Citrix to quickly and efficiently deploy SAP to remote locations and streamline integration of a major acquisition.