Tech Talk: LAN-Like Performance for Your XenApp and XenDesktop Branch Office Users

Date: Feb 14 - Dec 31, 2013

Hosted by: Citrix

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If you have XenDesktop or XenApp branch office and mobile users then come to this technical webinar and learn how to accelerate, control and optimize your virtual desktops, applications and multimedia.

Citrix HDX Technology and ICA automatically provides an optimized end user experience for virtual desktops and applications. But performance can be further enhanced with Citrix NetScaler Branch Repeater with groundbreaking multi-user optimization.

What you will learn

  • The bits and bytes of how the ICA protocol functions
  • Settings within Branch Repeater that can optimise ICA traffic
  • How ICA packets and data differ before and after Branch Repeater


Jason Poole and Simon Cooper