Solution Webinar: IT-as-a-Service is the IT of the Future

Date: Aug 8, 2013

Hosted by: Citrix

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IT organizations are rapidly evolving from simply keeping the lights on to delivering IT as a service—an approach that can yield greater agility, flexibility and user productivity. To realize the full benefits of this model, you need an architecture that works for your organization, with the scalability to adapt as your needs change.

What you will learn

  • The paradigm shift to ITaaS and what this means
  • How ITaaS enables self-service by aggregating cloud services across public and private clouds
  • The elements of a complete ITaaS stack
  • Design considerations that future-proof your cloud investments
  • Examples of real-world Citrix customers who are transforming to ITaaS and the benefits they see

With the right strategy, planning process and tools, ITaaS can transform the way you do business and deliver real value for your organization. Find out how Citrix can help you begin your evolution today.


Krishna Subramanian, VP, Product Marketing Management, Citrix