Live Talk: Hear a Citrix Customer Talk About how They are Using XenClient to Manage 2,400 Local Desktops

Date: Feb 7 - Dec 31, 2013

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This Live Talk discussion gives you the chance to hear why one Citrix customer chose XenDesktop and XenClient to deliver virtual desktops to 2400 PCs dispersed across many locations. During this Live Talk you will get to understand the challenges that they faced and how they were met – challenges such as:

  • Dispersed retail outlets across the world with mix of laptops/PCs
  • Required a remotely managed and updateable PC with specialist Bluetooth devices
  • Had poor internet connections in many locations
  • Centrally managed and delivered CRM system
  • Migration to Windows 7

Early Registration is recommended as this Live Talk promises to be a highly interactive session, with opportunity to ask plenty of questions directly during and after the session.


Walter Hofstetter and Rodger Baskerville