FlexCast Webinar Series

Discover how to deliver virtual desktops as unique as your users.

Date: Aug 1, 2012

Hosted by: Citrix

Organizations today encompass a range of users, from road warriors using laptops and mobile devices, to power users working with high-end applications, to task workers performing routine jobs in a physical location.  Only Citrix desktop virtualization with FlexCast technologies takes you beyond VDI to deliver virtual desktops and apps that meet your users’ needs for performance, security and personalization.

Learn more about each FlexCast model by clicking on the webinar links below.

Deliver the Right Desktop for Every User with Citrix

Today’s organizations encompass a diverse range of workers with their own unique needs.  The challenge for IT is to deliver the right kind of desktop and applications for each user type.  Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to provide secure access to desktops, applications and data to any user anytime, anywhere.

Kevin Strohmeyer, Director of Product Marketing
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Deliver Secure Virtual Desktops to Task Workers

Task workers typically access a small set of applications and have limited desktop requirements.  But these workers interact with your customers, partners and employees so they have access to your most critical data.  Watch this webinar to learn how Citrix desktop virtualization with FlexCast delivery technology can deliver streamlined desktops that are secure and cost-effective.

Kevin Strohmeyer, Director of Product Marketing
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Deliver a Personalized Virtual Desktop Experience

Today’s workers don’t just work in their offices all day—they attend meetings, visit branch offices, work from home, and even coffee shops.  These anywhere workers expect access to all of their applications and data wherever they are.  Watch this webinar to discover how to deliver a personalized Windows desktop experience over any network, to any device.

Kevin Strohmeyer, Director of Product Marketing
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Empower a Mobile Workforce for Remote Productivity

Remote workers, either mobile or working from a branch office need access to corporate resources regardless of their ability to connect to a network.  In addition, these workers expect to personalize their PCs—install their own applications and store their own data—on these devices.  Watch this webinar to learn about the dynamic delivery of applications—hosted or streamed—to each user and device.

Kevin Strohmeyer, Director of Product Marketing
Sham Sao, Sr. Director of Product Marketing
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How to Deliver the Mobility of VDI to Users

Wouldn’t it be great to provide users with secure remote access to a physical PC without requiring a build-out of virtual infrastructure?  Citrix FlexCast delivery technology can jumpstart your desktop transformation projects with an instant win for your IT team. Watch this technical webinar and learn how to provide secure, mobile remote access from any device to office-based PCs.

Carissa Stringer, XenDesktop Product Marketing
Gabe Carrejo, Technology Sales Evangelist
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