Deliver Graphics Intensive 3D Apps Securely, to Any Device, Anywhere (Taiwan)

Date: Nov 1, 2012

Hosted by: Citrix

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Manufacturing organisations are constantly looking for better ways to speed up product design life cycles, work more efficiently with both employees and suppliers and meet customer demands. 

With Citrix you can deliver enterprise applications and information over any connection to any location; for example from the office, to the factory floor or out to a remote customer site. 

What you will learn

Join this webinar to learn how virtualizing applications, including professional graphics applications like CAD/CAM, it becomes possible to:

  • Provide mobile access to present design models on any device, anywhere
  • Deliver high end 3D graphics applications globally over WANs not just LANs
  • Support multiple power users per workstation for improved cost efficiency and productivity
  • Secure product design IP
  • Attract, retain and collaborate with talented people worldwide

Discover how with Citrix Designer Virtual Workstation you can speed up time to market, be more cost efficient and stay ahead of your competition.


Ian Chou, Systems Engineer, Citrix