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Golden Ventures delivers powerful online training with GoToMeeting

Based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Golden Ventures provides support services on a contract basis to nursing home companies including Golden Living and Beverly Living. Services include information technology, finance, billing, human resources and marketing for 34,000 employees and more than 400 nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospice centers nationwide.

The challenge: deliver live training to distant employees

For years, IT field trainers at Golden Ventures traveled across the United States to conduct application training for the company’s employees, including nurses and other healthcare workers. Most training was conducted at regional centers, requiring the trainer and students to converge at a central location. “We had 25 trainers traveling extensively to train people face-to-face,” recalled Debbie Goux,

IT Field Services director for Golden Ventures. Further, employees were spending a significant amount of time away from their jobs to travel to the training centers, impacting productivity and staffing. Scheduling conflicts for trainers sometimes delayed training or necessitated that less-experienced trainers conduct the sessions. “Because of logistics, the trainer might not be the most qualified person to teach a particular application. So students may not have received the best training they could have,” said Goux. Golden Ventures concluded that an online training solution would enable the company to conduct consistent, higher-quality and less-costly training. The solution needed to be easy to implement and use, and include high security that adhered to healthcare regulatory compliance standards.

Implementing GoToMeeting for secure online training

Golden Ventures chose Citrix® GoToMeeting® to deliver secure, live online training courses. Using the desktop viewing feature, trainers engage small classes on a variety of topics such as how to use the company’s clinical and financial software. Trainers can also record important training sessions for later viewing by students who might miss a class.

Optimizing the training team and reducing costs

With GoToMeeting, Golden Ventures conducts timely employee training for the people who need it without booking training centers or scheduling travel. As a result, the company trains employees without delays and has reduced associated travel and operational costs. “With GoToMeeting we were able to reorganize the training function and conduct more training with 50 percent fewer trainers,” explained Goux.

Online training enables the company to optimize each trainer’s effectiveness by conducting the courses that are the best match for their skills. “Some of our trainers are stronger with a particular application. With GoToMeeting, it doesn’t matter where our trainers are geographically — we can put the best instructors in front of the students,” said Goux.

The simplicity of GoToMeeting shortens the training process. “The ease of use of GoToMeeting is very important to us. The interface is very simple for trainers and students alike,” said Goux. For example, during a session, the trainer can easily share their own desktop with students to ensure that they have mastered the skills with the software. “In just a couple of clicks we can turn over control to each of the students and let them participate.”

Online training has numerous benefits for employees and customers. Because employees receive higher-quality training without leaving their facility, they are better able to provide excellent customer care. “GoToMeeting allows us to easily reach people so we can provide them the training they need. They’re going to be better qualified because they’re getting access to higher-skilled training,” said Goux. The feedback from employees and facility directors about online training has been overwhelming. “They are ecstatic because they get the training when they need it. GoToMeeting gives them a big gain in productivity.”

Using GoToMeeting, the IT training department has been able to deliver training for 340 skilled nursing facilities in as little as three weeks. As an example, a clinical software update had a very tight timeline to be rolled out. “The update was a regulatory requirement, so the training was time-sensitive,” recalled Goux. In the past, similar training initiatives would have required a significant amount of scheduling and travel. “The classes would have been a lot of effort even though students might need only an hour of training,” she said. “We were able to target the right students for the different training modules, saving valuable employee time and travel costs.”

The use of GoToMeeting has been so successful in Golden Ventures IT that multiple departments are now using the tool for training and education of field personnel.

Provide security for regulatory compliance and simplified administration

At Golden Ventures, regulatory compliance, particularly the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), is at the forefront of many business decisions. “Security was one of the things we looked at very carefully because HIPAA is always a factor,” said Goux. GoToMeeting provides end-to-end 128-bit encryption and other security measures to ensure that confidential data remains private. “GoToMeeting has the highest security levels to help us with HIPAA compliance,” she said.

The IT department also benefits from GoToMeeting because staff does not need to spend time administering the product. “GoToMeeting Corporate is extremely simple to set up and manage, so it helps us lower our total cost of ownership while increasing our customer satisfaction,” said Goux. The department was easily able to justify the return on investment of GoToMeeting. “Intuitively, it was the right thing to do because of the significant savings,” she said. “We believe that GoToMeeting puts us leaps and bounds ahead of the old way of conducting training.”

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With GoToMeeting Corporate we were able to reorganize the training function and conduct more training with 50 percent fewer trainers.
- Debbie Goux

Information Technology Field Services Director

Golden Ventures

Key Benefits

  • Lowered training travel and operational costs
  • Optimized trainer utilization by 50 percent
  • Improved training effectiveness