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Baptist Health Systems prescribes GoToMyPC for remote access to the desktop

Jackson, Mississippi-based Baptist Health Systems is the parent company of Baptist Medical Center, the Mississippi Hospital for Restorative Care and a number of related healthcare services and programs.

The challenge: finding an easy-to-use remote access solution

As senior network administrator for Baptist Health Systems, Inc., Michael Long routinely heard firsthand accounts from physicians and employees about the pain of remotely accessing important patient data through a virtual private network (VPN). “So many people couldn’t get the VPN to work properly,” recalled Long. “Our network administrators averaged two hours per user to install the VPN client and get it working.”

Implementing GoToMyPC for remote access to patient data

When the frustration finally reached a breaking point, Long turned to Citrix® GoToMyPC®. User satisfaction was immediately apparent when the support desk’s phones grew quiet. “Our remote-access support calls went down by at least 80 to 90 percent when we switched to GoToMyPC,” said Long. Physicians at the medical center now routinely access patient records located back at their offices using GoToMyPC. “Physicians can sit down at any workstation and get back to their office desktops,” said Long. “It saves them time even if the remote computer is at a clinic across the street.” The time savings results in faster patient care. “The physicians love GoToMyPC because it’s so easy to use,” said Long. “They can grab a seat in the physician’s lounge, get online and access their office computers.”

Productivity instantly improved by 10 percent

Physicians are not the only beneficiaries of productivity gains brought about by GoToMyPC. Five transcriptionists now code medical records from home in a program that is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). According to Long, the productivity improvements were immediately apparent once the transcriptionists began coding from home. “The coders had wanted to work remotely for years, but before GoToMyPC, they didn’t have a solution to do that,” he said. “Now they’re much happier and they get more done in a day.” These productivity gains translate into a solid return on investment (ROI), according to Rick Caldwell, CIO of Baptist Health Systems. “Those savings are real,” he said. “The transcriptionists easily code 10 percent more charts at home now in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.” The improved productivity has a ripple effect that impacts the medical center’s bottom line, explained Caldwell. “Because our coding is done faster, our bills go out the door faster. The days in accounts receivable are lower now than they’ve ever been.”

Although the medical center’s ROI numbers are impressive, there is more than productivity to consider, according to Caldwell. “It’s not only about productivity. We have also improved employee satisfaction and morale.” The resulting satisfaction has helped with employee retention. “Because GoToMyPC has increased employee satisfaction, we can retain them longer. Coders are highly skilled technical people and are hard to come by.”

Flexibility and employee retention go hand in hand

Other medical center employees now take advantage of the flexibility afforded by remote access to the desktop, making GoToMyPC an even better investment. Employees needing short-term remote access – such as those on maternity leave – can work remotely from anywhere on the fly. “With GoToMyPC, anyone can sit down at any computer and get to his or her desktop,” said Long. “One of our nursing directors needed to stay at home by doctor’s orders. It was a great success. She was able to continue working from home and keep up on her work.” Caldwell finds productivity gains with GoToMyPC while traveling. His first stop during airport layovers is the club lounge, where he goes straight to the public PCs and accesses his desktop with GoToMyPC.

HIPAA compliance and built-in security

Because the medical center must conform to security requirements mandated by HIPAA, Long needed to choose a remote-access product that did not weaken security. “With HIPAA we wanted to make sure the solution was secure, and encryption was something we looked for,” he said. The security features of GoToMyPC, such as the 128-bit end-to-end encryption, fit the bill, according to Long. “Most of the data we handle here is private patient information, so 128-bit encryption is the standard we set for the hospital.”

According to Long, other security elements included in GoToMyPC were also important for HIPAA compliance. “We like the ability to turn off the file transfer and remote printing features for the transcriptionists,” he said, explaining that HIPAA prohibits copying patient files and printing them at home. “It’s important to be compliant, but these security precautions are also good common sense.” With reduced costs and improved security and speed of patient care, GoToMyPC certainly makes good sense for Baptist Health Systems. “We’ve saved a lot, and our users love it,” concluded Long.

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We have improved employee satisfaction and morale with GoToMyPC Corporate.
- Michael Long

Senior Network Administrator

Baptist Health Systems

Key Benefits

  • Improves productivity by 10 percent
  • Increases employee job satisfaction and retention
  • Facilitates HIPAA compliance with built-in security features