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College Grads and Interns tell their story



Software Engineer, Citrix Santa Clara, CA
Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley

“I have learned a lot of new software technologies and improved my programming skills since I joined Citrix. I’ve also gotten better at table tennis!”

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Hello! I’m Felix and I’m a Software Engineer. I work in the Mobile Product Group (MPG), also known as XenMobile where I develop software that enables administrators to manage their mobile devices/applications so that they and people within their group can work from anywhere. I graduated from UC Berkeley and have been with Citrix since July.

I first met Citrix at a UC Berkeley career fair. It was there that I really got to know what Citrix was all about, how awesome of a company we are, and the kinds of software engineering opportunities that were available for new grads. I have been interested in the problem-solving aspect of software engineering ever since I started taking computer sciences classes. There are a lot of challenges to overcome in today’s technological world, and I wanted to be part of a team that would tackle these obstacles and greatly impact people’s lives. 

The best thing about my job is that I get to work on projects that people will get to see and interact with on a daily basis. It also feels like I’m really contributing a great deal to the end product, and not just a small percentage that could be easily overlooked. I have learned a lot of new software technologies and improved my programming skills since I joined Citrix. I’ve also gotten better at table tennis!

Citrix has an amazing culture. The work - life balance here is great as employees have a lot of flexibility and freedom in their hours. There are many perks such as free food, a gym, onsite massages and yoga. Most importantly, the people I work with are extremely smart and down-to-earth. Citrix is just an awesome place that provides a light and relaxed working atmosphere, while still maintaining the drive to innovate and stay competitive in the market. 

As this is my first full-time job, the experiences I have gained in a short time have been incredible. Citrix has given me such a great sense of what working in the real world is like. I am happy and proud to say that I work at Citrix! 



Sales Operations Intern, Fort Lauderdale, FL
MBA Program, University of Miami

I’ve worked in several other corporate environments and Citrix has a different feel. It’s relaxed, yet everyone is professional and intelligent.”

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Hi, I’m Rachel, and I’m currently working to obtain my MBA from the University of Miami. I was first introduced to Citrix it was onsite at a career fair at UM. Shortly after, I came to the office in Fort Lauderdale and had a full day of interviews. It was very well organized, and I got the feeling that Citrix really invests in its employees and takes the time to ensure candidates are a right fit for the company and the position. I ended up choosing this internship because Citrix seemed like a great opportunity to gain experience within a growing technology company. I was looking for a learning environment open to new ideas and a fresh perspective, and Citrix seemed to be that place.

My main project was to create a new dashboard within for the Americas Sales team to manage incoming leads and more efficiently convert these into opportunities and closed deals. I also worked closely with the Marketing department to ensure good communication between the two groups. I was able to utilize my communication skills, creativity, and organization in this role. During these few short months, I was able to improve my time management skills and have learned not be nervous or afraid to speak my mind and offer new suggestions. Engagement and opinions are very well received at Citrix.

At Citrix, everyone is so friendly. I’ve worked in several other corporate environments and Citrix has a different feel. It’s relaxed, yet everyone is professional and intelligent. If I tell anyone I’m an intern, they are willing to have coffee/lunch, chat, and offer advice. I have met so many people here that will serve as mentors as I embark on my full-time job search after receiving my MBA. Working at Citrix has opened my eyes to so many different possibilities. I’m excited for this journey.



Operations Intern, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida

"I have been overly impressed by Citrix and inspired by the people that work here."

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Hi, my name is Shane. I currently attend the University of Florida, majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Having just completed a three-month summer internship in the Citrix Operations department, I can truly say this has been the most amazing experience.

During my internship, I had the pleasure of working on two different teams in Operations – Operational Excellence and Order Services. While working with Operational Excellence, my role was to analyze business processes to determine the operational impacts, and to define a plan to address a re-design that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Operational Excellence team. With Order Services, my role was to create and implement a new, more efficient reallocation and carve out submission system process. I enjoy being able to take a situation, evaluate the current processes, and improve them. As an Industrial Engineer, I have a strong passion for continuous improvement. Through both my intern roles, I have been able to make a tremendous contribution while learning about two different operational departments. 

I have learned so many new skills while at Citrix. I’ve learned a great deal about project management, including how to effectively plan, design and execute. I have also made significant strides in my technical ability, combining diverse information, intuition and common sense when considering alternatives; and translating this complex information and insights into simple, meaningful concepts. 

I have been overly impressed by Citrix and inspired by the people that work here. I now understand how Citrix attracts and retains such talented individuals. Citrix treats employees very well, and makes you want to work even harder and produce that much more. It has been an absolute privilege working for Citrix and I will continue to work my absolute hardest to produce results and drive success. With each day comes a new challenge. With each challenge comes new knowledge, new expertise, networking and a sense of pride upon achievement. 



Software Engineer, Chalfont, UK
Masters Computer Science, University of Warwick, UK

"One of the great things about working with Citrix is the flexibility it offers.”

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Hi, my name’s Hoi. I worked as an intern before being hired by Citrix as a software engineer, in Chalfont. Before starting my internship with Citrix I completed my third year of a four - year Masters degree in Computer Science at The University of Warwick.

I found out about the internship when Citrix visited our university career fair. From the short time I spent at the onsite interview, I really liked what I experienced. There was a real sense of warmth and friendliness among the staff. As much as I was trying to give a good first impression, it seemed that Citrix was making an equal effort toward me.

The work I carried out during the summer was part of the porting effort of one of the products, Citrix Presentation Server, to the Windows Server 2008 platform. Specifically, I worked on a component used by server administrators to monitor performance of the server from the end user point of view. This is essentially the engine behind the plug-in product, Citrix EdgeSight.

Part of my time was spent learning how to use a mix of programming languages including C, C++ and C#. This was a bit different to my strong Java background, and I was given all the help and support needed in programming and more. For anything I needed help with or didn’t understand, I could just ask and someone was always willing to assist. This included questions about what Citrix does and how to use its products - I didn’t have a clue!

Working for such a large company gives you experience you simply can’t get at university. It’s incredible seeing the size and number of projects going at the same time. The manner in which the different teams work together and the tools they use to help get the job done was very impressive. In addition, working on a large product under development also means that a lot doesn’t work how it should. I spent a lot of time fighting to find a working build and figure out various workarounds to get the bits I want to work. That’s all part of the experience.

There are many great things about Citrix. One of the greatest is the flexibility it offers. As long as you get your work done and put in the hours you’re not usually expected to turn up at any specific times - great for missing the rush hour traffic. In fact, sometimes you don’t necessarily even have to turn up because you can work remotely from home. That’s the great thing about working for a company that makes remote application deployment technologies!

My time at Citrix was well spent. It showed me a career path in terms of the things that I might be doing and helped to show that I will enjoy doing working in this sort of environment in the future.

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